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Hiatus of Dean Love: prompts post

Hiatus of Dean Love, take two: prompts post

Welcome to the spn_rambleon Hiatus of Dean Love prompt post!

Here's how we roll:

→ Prompts: Leave a comment on this post with 1-5 wishes for a Dean-centric fanwork. Maybe it's a picspam, a fic, a fanmix, a fanvid, a piece of fanart, story artwork for one of your fanfics, a set of usericons, a meta, a banner for your LJ. Go on, don't be shy, tell people about that Dean-shaped fanwork you've been craving. Gen or any pairing, any rating, any genre. Crossovers are allowed, including crossovers with Dean and RPF character(s). So long as it's Dean-centric.

If you think of more wishes, you're allowed to come back and make more comments. To reiterate, each comment you make can include up to 5 wishes, but you can make as many comments as you like. You can also grant as many wishes as you like.
Here's an example of a comment someone could make:

Comment #1:
1. Fic: Dean/Sam, future!fic/curtain!fic. Dean and Sam settle down in Vermont. Dean comes to terms with his life now that he is no longer a hunter.
2. Icons: Dean's in his leather jacket, old and new.
3. Art: Dean/Castiel after Purgatory.

→ Fills: Once you've made your own wishes, you should then browse through the other comments and offer to make something for someone else (or come back later and do so if it's still early in the prompting process).

When you find a wish you want to grant, simply reply to that person's wish and let them know that you are planning on filling their prompt. Again, you can fill as many prompts as you like.

We do not require that you grant a wish, but in the spirit of the community we ask that you try to do something for someone. We also ask that you please do your best to make something once you've offered. If you need to drop out for any reason, drop the mods a line in the ask-a-mod post and let us know.
Multiple fills are allowed for each prompt, and you may fill as many prompts as you want. We encourage people to keep an eye out for comments that have no fills offered yet, upping the chances that everyone gets some Dean fanworks lovin'. ♥

→ Posting: Once you've created your fill, post your fanwork to the community (you can post directly to the community or you can link back to your own LJ or outside archive site, that's totally fine), using the posting guidelines.

→ Cut-off dates: Wishes can be left at this post until August 15. If you are granting a wish, you can post your completed fanwork to the community anytime after June 30th, but the final deadline for posting all fanworks is September 20.

Although prompting ends on 8/15, you will be able to reply to a comment to let a person know you are filling their prompt and answer prompts/grant wishes up until the September 20th deadline.

→ Promotions:
We'd love it if you could help to get the word out about the community. The more people we have participating, the more wishes to be left and the more to be granted! Check out this post for promotional banners and codes. Let's make this long hiatus one full of Dean love!

If you have any questions, drop us a comment at the ask a mod post.
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