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Ramble On: Dean Winchester Love

A Hiatus Wish List & Wish Fulfillment Project

The Hiatus of Dean Love: Ramble On
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A community celebrating the character of Dean Winchester from the CW series Supernatural.

Honestly, I think the world's going to end bloody.
But it doesn't mean we shouldn't fight.
We do have choices. I choose to go down swingin'.

— Dean Winchester

about ramble on.

Welcome to spn_rambleon, a fanwork wish list and wish fulfillment community dedicated to the character of Dean Winchester. Dean is many things to many people: an amazing brother, son, friend, lover, caretaker, father figure, and big damn hero. We're here to celebrate Dean Winchester in all his badass glory.

During this post-S7 2012 hiatus, we are hosting our second annual fanwork prompt-and-fill exchange (we hosted our first exchange during the summer of 2011). All you have to do is comment with a wish (or as many wishes as you want) for Dean-centric fanworks you'd love to receive. Fen who can grant your wish will answer your prompt, and in the spirit of sharing, you should also try to grant another fen's wish if you can. You can wish for all manner of fanwork -- fanfic, fanart, fanvids, icons/banners/graphics, meta, fanmixes, podfic, etc. All genres, pairings, ratings, and kinks are welcome as long as Dean is the main focus.

Absolutely no bashing of other characters or other fans or ships or kinks. The purpose of this community is to spread a little love this long hiatus by creating some amazing fanwork highlighting the awesomeness of Dean Winchester. We're here to have fun!

If you love Dean Winchester as much as we do, please read on:
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2011 Official Prompt-and-Fill Post
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Questions? Comments? Concerns? Drop by the [FAQ & Ask-a-Mod post].


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